Why BN government is afraid of certain realities that may be made public with regards to handling of Teoh's inquest

As they did with Kugan, as Musa Hassan and Gani Patail did with Anwar, the government is putting the burden on the Home Ministry and the police to investigate the cause of death, which is exactly what the people are demanding them not to do.

For obvious reasons, the people want the Home Ministry and the police to have no say whatsoever in the investigations of this case as we all know where their loyalties lay.

A court of law will not achieve anything Mr Attorney-General.

I am deeply saddened. No, in fact I am outraged at the fact that our prime minister himself has chosen to ignore the requests of the people and to treat this matter as another of BN's famous 'sweep under the rug' case, or to be exact 'lets subside their anger and come up with various tactics so in time they will tire and forget this ever happened'.

I for one, and i can vouch for many as well by saying, the longer the government prolongs the inevitable conclusion to what was the actual cause of Teoh's death, there is going to be public outrage.

I can honestly say that this particular case is not going to be forgotten. What I am meaning to say is that we are all more than capable of seeing through these layers and layers of 'masking' tape.

How much longer must the people wait to have an honest, transparent working government?
PM turns a deaf ear


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