Makkal Osai sells lies - if one goes by the reporting they did on the formation of the Human Rights Party.

Dear Sirs,

RE : False and malicious newsreport by your reporter Mr.Muthamilmannan (Makkal Osai
20/07/2009 front page and at page 13)

We refer to the above matter.

May we bring to your kind attention of the false and malicious newsreport in Makkal Osai 20/07/2009, front page and at page 13 that “no announcement made about the new party (but instead) a book launch and public donation spree by Uthayakumar and that his supporters went home disappointed”.

To the contrary all the mainstream newspapers and internet newspapers reported the formation of the Human Rights Party as follows:-

“Human Rights Party will continue the struggle” (Headlines, Malaysia Nanban 20/07/2009)
“New Party started by Uthayakumar” (Tamil Nesan 20/07/2009 page 6)
“New Party for Uthaya (The Star 20/07/2009 page N 25)
“Uthayakumar forms new party (NST 20/07/2009 page 12)
Uthayakumar tubuh parti baru untuk kaum India” (Berita Harian 20/07/2009 page 15)
Uthayakumar lancar parti baru (Utusan Malaysia 20/07/2009 page 9)
“Uthayakumar forms Human Rights Party” and within 24 hours 33,505 viewers viewed the video on this Human Rights Party announcement (Malaysiakini 19/07/2009)
“Uthayakumar sets out to create Indian clout with new party” (Malaysian Insider
Even China Press on 20/07/2009 reported so at page A8 and we believe so by the other Chinese language dailies and the other dailies
NTV7 news at 8.00p.m. also reported on the announcement of the Human Rights Party

Kindly investigate if this said by Mr.Muthamilmannan’s newsreport is motivated by financial and/or political considerations and kindly take the necessary action against him if deemed fit by your goodselves.

On our part our humble request is that Mr.Muthamilmannan is not dispatched anymore to cover any of our future evens or write about us in the future as he has obviously failed to uphold independent journalistic principles and ethics.

For the records this is not the first time your Mr.Muthamilmannan has caused to be published false and malicious newsreports about us.

We believe in freedom of the press and a fair, independent and truthfull reporting and have no intentions at all whatsoever of interfering in your editorial policies.

Our supporters have been calling us today and asking us to:-

File a civil suit against Makkal Osai and Mr.Muthamilmanan

Launch an SMS and E-mail campaign to boycott Makkal Osai and buy Malaysia Nanban instead

To write to the Home Minister and Bahagian Kawalan Akhbar, KDN on this complaint

We are however not inclined to do so as we have many old friends in Makkal Osai. We acknowledge that during the Hindraf struggle and a time when the Malaysian Indians needed you most in the pre and post 25/11/2007,Hindraf Rally times, Makkal Osai carried the people power Makkal Sakthi news vis a vis the Indian people’s struggle without fear or favour.

We wish to reiterate that we are not desperate politicians hard up for media attention for our political survival. We are political activists and political workers with human rights ideals and not politicians per se.

In any event the total amount collected on 19/07/2009 was a mere RM13,990.00. Not a single amount of RM2,500.00 was ever collected as was reported by your goodselves. The report that we did not even provide mineral water to the participants is done in bad faith. The report that we would put people in our office lock up was a joke to which the audience responded with a big laugh when they saw a slide picture of our supporters in the lock up. This was however subsequently latter clarified that this lock up was meant to be a gallery to honour our supporters who had died, arrested by the police prosecuted in court etc.

Your said reporter also did not report on the Human Rights Party (HRP) that was very explicitly written on page 40, and 42 of our book “ Malaysian Indians Political Strategy the way forward” a copy of which was handed over to your Mr.Muthamilmannan by our Mr.S.Jayathas

At the tail end of my speech at yesterday’s Human Rights Party announcement at Hokkien Hall, Klang, I had concluded that if one cannot help in any way, one should not do any harm in any way to this our sacred and sincere struggle. Be that as it may it is our wish and hope that we maintain the best relationship with Makkal Osai .

We are not even demanding an apology but would appreciate a corrective newsreport to reflect the truth as aforesaid and that there is no repeat of this in the future.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,

Secretary General (Pro tem)
Human Rights Party (HRP), Malaysia.
Tel no: 03-2282 5622,03-2282 5241 Fax: 03-2282 5245
E-Mail :

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