Azlan, the senile ruler of Perak reminded the people of the pivotal role played by the Royal Institution in ensuring the effectiveness of the “check and balance” mechanism in the Constitution and in strengthening the country’s democratic system. “The preservation of the Royal Institution in the Federal Constitution was not merely to fulfill historical and racial sentimental values. “As the head of the country, the King plays the role of the pillar of stability, the source of justice and the core of unity,” he said.

He added that the Federal Constitution was created on the spirit of negotiation and understanding, and with the objective to unite the people. “Hence, the spirit of the Constitution and the spirit to respect the law and its institutions of enforcement should always be implanted in the living culture of our people. “If this basic principle is not followed, the country will head towards anarchy and in the end, our progress, peace and harmony will be trapped in history,” he said.

The Mighty Pen says to Azlan: You said the ruler is the source of justice. But when the ruler becomes the source of various forms of injustice taking place around this country, then how do you justify the necessity for rulers to continue playing their role effectively? How do you classify a ruler like you, who had gone against the wishes of the majority of the people in your state? Do you realize the majority of crimes committed in Malaysia comes from the state under your rule? How stable is this state under your unjust rule? Do you realize that your family members have enriched themselves with lucrative business contracts and deals by making use of the weaknesses in the system of governance of this country? Perhaps the Federal Constitution which was created on the spirit of negotiation and understanding has been instrumental in Malaysian royalty having mastered and engineered the art of negotiation for self-gains!

Azlan the senile ruler of Perak, the absence of a stable government in Malaysia; the state of society where there is no law; political confusions that have existed for a long time, have already driven this nation towards anarchy! Perhaps let us hear your so called erudite definition of anarchy, so that we can understand the extent of a future chaotic Malaysia!


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The way I see it, you will have to throw away your TV. Don think you can boycott free tv then watch Astro. FYI the boss of Astro is right now "restructuring" equity for India and Indonesian concern. Let shareholders bear initial losses and when an upturn is in the horison, use your private companies to buy over. Either way you lose.

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