Malaysian Police must protect the people, not the regime in power

Centre for Policy Initiatives, as well as various other NGO, human rights and civil society groups, was invited to the Parliamentary roundtable for members of Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara convened by Pakatan Rakyat on Tuesday.

The meeting adopted four resolutions:

Resolution 1
Calling on the Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan, not to extend his tenure of service

Resolution 2
Calling for appointment of a new IGP to combat rising crime

Resolution 3
Calling on the PM to include in his KPI for crime prevention all the categories of crime as proposed by the RCI

Resolution 4
Reaffirming public demand for the IPCMC

(The resolutions in full, here.)

Malaysia may soon reach a point where we are no longer be able to recognize and distinguish wrongdoing, and if the police is not urgently reformed, then this institution — which is a pivotal force in our country’s security and political balance — may well take us all down a very steep and slippery slope.

For this reason, CPI endorses all four resolutions.

CPI holds that the call for Musa Hassan to make way for a new IGP marks an important symbolic start to the revamp that is imperative for the de-politicization of the police and for it to regain public trust.


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