Why Are You So Eager to Defend the MACC?

I was shocked, disgusted and angry to see a few politicians and their appointed agents trying so hard to defend and protect the 'integrity' of the MACC.

Why makes the MACC so daring to operate above their standard operating procedure (in accordance to the Criminal Procedure Code) and work ethics? What makes them so daring to use threats, physical force and all forms of torture against their suspects and witnesses?

The answer is the protection of the ruling elite. These officers believe that by working in cahoot with the ruling elite that their actions and misdeeds will be conveniently covered and protected. According to Berita Harian, the MACC has even become a 'Malay-dominated' institution under severe threats from the largely non-Malay protesters because a Malaysian Chinese witness was killed in its custody.

The whole issue is not because a non-Malay was killed in its custody. The main issue is because someone, a young man and an innocent Malaysian had lost his life to the dangerous political game played by the institution. It should have stayed out of the political contestation between BN/UMNO and PR but it had chosen to get involved and to become a tool of these politicians, believing that this collusion will bring them a useful liaison.

Only fools do not see the liaison. What makes Nazri Aziz, Khir Toyo, Berita Harian, Ahmad Said, Ashiruddin Attan (Rockybru), and others so quick to leap to the defence of the MACC if the latter is truly independent. Any government should have held the MACC accountable for failing to perform its responsibility to act transparently and diligently.

How do we trace a liar? It is rather simple. A liar will cook up unbelievable stories that do not connect or make sense. This is precisely what has happened to the Teoh Beng Hock's saga. If the MACC is truly faultless, why didn't its top management provide a detailed explanation on what had transpired during the interrogation of Teoh? Why must its head, Ahmad Said, so insensitively still refused to admit the mistake and a breach of ethics of his commission?

I was watching Astro AEC news updates last night and was shock to hear that MCA's Lee Wei Kiat had uttered something less than sensible. He was allegedly said that Teoh deserved to die because the latter had committed suicide out of personal guilt. He was quoted as saying that MACC has always been very professional in dispensing their duty.

I immediately send a text message to his president, Ong Tee Keat, to verify and protest the statement. Ong responded almost immediately to confirm that Lee's statement was fabricated by an unknown person and that Lee had responded with his own statement to call for a full probe on the fabrication. I would like to thank Ong for his clarification. There could be a possible internal sabotage in his own party and it is for Ong to worry about it.

I would like to warn the MACC against telling half truths. Like many other Malaysians, we will scrutinize all statements and explanations made by the commission.

I would also like to urge the Prime Minister to approve the creation of IPCMC immediately. Guna, a Malaysian Indian, was detained on suspected drugs abuse and was found dead in police custody. His death was so unfortunate. He was not as fortunate to get the attention of politicians who are now focused on the controversial death of Teoh.

We must stop all these abuses. If this government is not willing to help us do it, lets find one which is willing to implement change.


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