Who gave the instruction to the MACC to start a campaign of intimidation and harassment against the Selangor Pakatan.

The real question should be - who gave the instruction to the MACC to start a campaign of intimidation and harassment against the Selangor Pakatan which set off a chain of events that ultimately led to Teoh’s death?

This is a question that no royal commission of inquiry will be allowed to ask. We can therefore not expect to have an answer. For if we do not ask the right questions, we can never get the right answers. There will be forces in the background working overtime to prevent the right questions from being asked.

Other pertinent questions are - how many other interrogations were happening around this time? Who have been called up? What is the pattern of intimidation? Why were they intimidated? What were they asked to admit to? What were they asked to sign?

I doubt the federal government inquiry (in whatever form it takes) will ask those questions. I therefore call on the Selangor government to set up its own inquiry immediately or do it in the form of a "Selcat inquiry".

We all know that nothing was, and has been, done after the last royal commission on the Lingam tape involving the appointment of judges.

The administration will fix the term of references, former judges who are aligned to them will be selected, the AG, the IGP and the chief commissioner of the MACC will have a hand in it and after that we will see many former cops and prosecutors, who have now become advocates and solicitors joining in the fray by being defence counsels.

So forget it folks, a better solution will be to create a 10.0 magnitude earthquake on the political landscape which will put all the deadwoods into the political pasture for good. After such an earthquake, you will see new seedlings grow without fear or favour and this is what that needs our support.


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