Mahathir says Malays are the oppressed; the non-Malays are the oppressors. The Malays have nothing; the non-Malays have everything

The hearts of the people are still aching over the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Our society is still in shock and needs to be soothed. Mahathir, however, offered no act of common civility. In any case, we know him well and therefore do not expect it from him.

Even so, as an elder, he should not have sparked off another dispute at such a critical juncture. Another clash that might lead to further suspicion and a widening fissure within the community.

This is the gist of what Mahathir wrote in his blog. The Malays are no longer the owners of Malaysia because they have been very compromising. Therefore, non-Malays, especially those with four thousand years’ of history, are slowly taking everything away from the Malays. These non-Malays will become the owners of Malaysia.

These arguments will not be able to withstand any form of close scrutiny. They are not tasteful and are way below par. However, to the close-minded and those of low calibre, such talk might still stir some deep emotion, and strike a very sensitive and vulnerable chord.

There remains a considerable portion of Malaysians with this mindset. They are the targets of Mahathir’s avid adrenaline boosting.

Mahathir emphasises how non-Malays are controlling all industries and commerce, and that they own most of the luxury condominiums.

He also reckons that loosening up the economy and establishing merit-based scholarships have further aggravated the situation for the Malays.

Alright, I do not need to quote any further. If my readers are interested, and are not weak of heart, please proceed to Mahathir’s blog for the full story.

Of course, an old dog cannot learn new tricks. It can only repeat the past mischief. But, it repeats them with a vengeance.

Mahathir is now performing a two-pronged comeback. On the one hand, we have the Malays. On the other, we have the non-Malays. Malays are the oppressed; the non-Malays are the oppressors. The Malays have nothing; the non-Malays have everything

Therefore, the Malays should fight on. Our country should press on with our differences, until...

Mahathir, enough is enough. The people have been under your delusion for decades. We always say that the British were good at “divide and rule,” but I think you, Sir, are the real master.

The 22 years under Mahathir have resulted in a partitioned and untrusting Malaysian community. All the while, Mahathir was exploiting this antagonism, and reaping the benefits of autocracy.

Even till now, he refuses to give up, and is reforming his old base. We can only guess what his political aims are.

Mahathir, please let the people know that they are all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or skin colour.

The people are the ones who own this country. Do not delude them any longer.

We built the resources and wealth of this country, together.


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