Public don't trust Malaysian 'authorities' anymore!!!

Malaysian public overall don't trust authorities to be truthful or to be able to do a transparent and professional job.

Despite the mysterious circumstances of Teo's death, the police have already stated "they do not suspect foul play.'

The only way for the public to 'believe' in the investigations and conclusions is for a totally neutral investigative and forensic team from out of this country to conduct the investigations.

Every time Malaysians see such news, everyone’s anger increase a few notches. However, I seriously think isn’t this the government we chose?

This is nothing new to our country. Teoh’s death is a sad case but it’s been happening everyday, to unknown people including the foreign workers. This is a fact that we all know.

Malaysians are very naive. It is pretty clear that the MACC is operating like the German SS or NKVD (Soviet secret police) of the ruling party to punish opposition members. How more transparent can they get? We must be all completely idiots to even discuss MACC. Something like the MACC has to be completely independent or not in existence at all. This is truly preposterous, as would be the case if the mafia ran the police force.

Why can't this government, like most civilised governments legislate a law that states that "all interrogation must be videotaped and be conducted in the presence of a lawyer". This act will then put an end to all this police brutality for good. A simple solution to this age-old problem, but will the police and MACC agree to this?

How many more unexplained deaths do we have to endure in this country? How many more unsolved crimes must we face? How many more times do we have to put up with cops and ministers coming up with conclusions before investigations have even started? How many more times do we have to shed tears when innocent lives are taken? How many more times are we prepared to let real human tragedies, shameless corruption and blatant injustice be swept under the carpet?

As a nation, are we not angry enough to collectively demand for answers and accountability for the rot that is quickly devouring us?

Everyone is talking about teaching BN a lesson in the next GE. Do we have to wait till then? There’s more that can be done even before the GE. We need to stand up because we cannot afford to have more Teohs to be sacrificed.

Pakatan will have to be united and kick out those who are power crazy and dreaming of unity talk with Umno. Honestly, even without those, I still think Pakatan can be a strong alliance as long as they are united.
Let’s teach Barisan Nasional government a lesson NOW!

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