Set up royal commission for Kugan too part 2

The tragic yet controversial death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock has prompted the government to set up a royal commission of inquiry.

For suspended Puchong parliamentarian Gobind Singh-Deo (below), the government should also not forget the death of 23-yer-old A Kugan, who died under police watch.

According to the practicing lawyer, the government should call for a royal commission of inquiry to determine interrogation techniques used by the police against Kugan.

"We have to remember that Kugan was also a victim of assault and we need to find out the type of interrogation techniques used in the police station.

"If the (techniques) are unlawful, recommendations (by royal commission) should be made to avoid similar tragedies in police custody," he said.
Second post mortem

Unlike Teoh who had died under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) watch, Kugan died five days after he was detained in connection with several car theft cases at the Taipan police station in USJ.

Following this, family wanted a second post-mortem after being dissatisfied with the first one carried out at the Serdang Hospital which concluded that Kugan died of liquid in his lungs.

However, a video of the remains taken at the Serdang Hospital mortuary revealed severe bruises on the body, leading many quarters to accuse the police of foul play.

Following a massive public outcry, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail (left) reclassified the case as murder and investigations were underway.

One day after the AG made the announcement, 11 constables and lance corporals from the Subang Taipan police station, where Kugan had collapsed and died, were removed and put on desk duty pending investigations.

'Family still in the dark'

"But up until now, there is absolutely nothing going on in Kugan's case as no one has been charged...those responsible are walking about freely," said Gobind.

Gobind also urged Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar (below) to immediately reveal the techniques of interrogation used against Kugan when he was being held.

"He should tell us whether such techniques are routinely used by the police on prisoners and suspects," he said.

Gobind also said that Kugan's family is "still in the dark" as to why no one has gone through the case.

"They also have no idea if action has been taken against the cops involved.

We all have an equal concern in Kugan's as well as Teoh's case because it involves one more custodial death in the country," said Gobind.


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