Samy Vellu, Cut the Bull, you have been cheating Indians for 30 years

What has Samy Vellu done about it all these years? No dividends were given, the shares have no value, and they cannot be sold. He can say CM Lim Guan Eng can settle the Kg Buah Pala issue with the stroke of a pen but as MIC president, he could not settle the Maika shares issue all these years.

On Teoh Beng Hock's sudden death while under MACC’s custody, even MCA is asking for a RCI but what has Samy Vellu done for A Kugan's case? No wonder that matter has gone into oblivion.
When Hindraf marched to give their petition to the Yang DiPertuan Agong, Samy Vellu called them "terrorists". Is this how he looks at Indian Malaysians?

He lost in his own constituency of Sungai Siput, yet he stays on as MIC president. Ling Leong Sik has left, Tun Mahathir has left, but Samy Vellu still wants to hold on to his position so as to pass the baton to his son as though it is his family's birthright.

The question that should be asked is what were MIC leaders doing during the last Gerakan administration when the land upon which the village now stands was alienated and sold to the civil servants cooperative, which in turn made a quick profit buy selling the same to Nusmetro, the developer.

If the MIC had stood its ground from the day its founding fathers help this nation achieve independence and demand what should rightfully be given to the Indians, the Indians of today will not be a suppressed minority.

A lot of land belonged to the Chettiars and the Indians were the dominant workforce of the Malayan Railways, Telecoms, National Electricity Board, Public Works and Utilities, Postals and Waterworks. If the MIC had been an equal and respected partner of the coalition and stood up for its rights, the situation would be very different today.

The Indians have lost almost everything because of improper leadership, the only way forward is to march as Malaysians and by making sure that race and religion are transcended for all to be equal in this country.


mi1: in short, MIC is a party for bastards!!!

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government