Pakatan claims a conspiracy was underway to bring down the Selangor state government by Najib's BN - 1 Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: Embattled DAP executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah and other state Pakatan Rakyat leaders alleged today a conspiracy, using government machinery and Internet blogs, was underway to topple the Selangor Government.

“We have received information that some parties are planning a plot to bring down the Pakatan Rakyat administration and are willing to do anything including using government machinery” said Ean Yong outside the District Police Headquarters here, this afternoon.

Dirty tactics are being used by Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno, who are desperate to tarnish the image of PR state lawmakers in Selangor, said the state DAP chairman whose political secretary was found dead on a balcony at Plaza Masalam, on July 16.

“I wish to stress that Malaysians have changed and are demanding for the truth behind the death of Teoh Beng Hock.”

Teoh was found sprawled on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam. He was earlier questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, whose officers maintained he was released at 3.45am on the day of his death.

Other leaders from PAS and PKR were spotted outside the police station today in support of Yong and his colleague Ronnie Liu, who were lodging a report against a “black blog” which accused them of graft.

Khalid Samad accused Umno of wanting a repeat of what happened to the Perak PR administration in Selangor, except “this time they were targeting DAP instead of PKR.

The PAS MP said accusations against Yong and Liu over the misuse of state funds were lies and he believed the public would not be fooled.

He accused the MACC of double standards and claimed that the federal government had channelled up to RM1 million to the Shah Alam Umno Division to disperse without any checks.

“Nobody knows how the money is spent yet the MACC chooses to target PR state lawmakers,” he said.

State PKR youth chief Kairul Anuar said BN should get the mandate from voters if they wanted to retake Selangor instead of resorting to dirty tactics.

“People know they are trying to destabilise PR,” he said.

Selangor PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman also accused the police of practicing selective investigations into the death of Teoh.

A practicing lawyer, he pointed out that in all other similar cases those being investigated are remanded to facilitate investigations.

“This is the practice by police except in this case where no MACC officers were arrested,” he said, adding the case should be investigated as murder.

DAP’s Ronnie Liu (R) holds a document pertaining to his report over an alleged “black blog”. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Liu, who on Friday told the press that he would not lodge a report about the blog posting because he had little faith in police and the MACC, today said he had been advised to reconsider.

“I still doubt the police will act but if I didn’t make the report, it will lead to accusations that I have something to hide,” he said.

The three articles posted on are false and created by individuals who want to escape being implicated in Teoh’s death by creating confusion, added Yong.

The blogger claims Teoh was under pressure from Yong and Liu, who forced him to steal funds from state allocations for the Sungai Pelek state constituency.

Yong said Teoh was his assistant and had never worked for Liu or had anything to do with allocations for that state constituency.

Meanwhile a second report was lodge by Liu’s aide, Wong Chuan How, who is also a Sepang municipal councillor.

Fabricated documents on the blog claimed Wong was a contractor, who was awarded over 80 contracts worth over RM200,000 in the Sungai Pelek constituency.

Wong was actually in charge of dispersing the funds to contractors and suppliers from the District Office and lodged the report today to clear his name.



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It not like that, survey has shown that not many viewers and advertisers for Indian programs, so another private network had taken the task. Its nothing political, in fact by airing programs to cater various langguage enable more penetration in conveying campaign, messages and good for political mileage so to speak.

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