300 kick start anti-Lynas Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally

Some 300 anti-Lynas protestors kicked started their 24-hour Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally in Kuantan today with a group planting banners at Balok beach.

In the calm afternoon with prevailing winds, some 50 participants stuck the unipole banners bearing anti-Lynas slogans into the sand at the beach close to the Gebeng industrial park where the controversial rare earth plant is set to begin operations.

occupy balok gebeng anti lynas 230612 1Led by Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack, the crowd dressed in green broke into a round of chants of  "Stop Lynas; Lynas Get out" before planting the banners on the seafront.

Made using the traditional colour of mourning, the black banners with white wordings read among others, ""13th GE, we bury BN, bury Lynas", "Lynas get out now", "No Lynas on Malaysian soil".

Officiating the ceremony, host and activist Hishamuddin Rais announced, "This is to symbolise that the people of Malaysia have come firm and strong to support the  anti-Lynas cause."

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