Burning state files is peaceful transition for BN?

YOURSAY ‘When Selangor fell to Pakatan in 2008, BN burnt files in the State Secretariat. This is called peaceful transition?'

Umno MP: Peaceful transition if Pakatan wins GE
Quigonbond: No point hearing that BN will abide by the wishes of real Malaysian voters in the coming elections from a mere MP, not until we hear from the top echelons like the PM and his cabinet ministers who are in control of the enforcement and defence apparatus.

Giudice: If what you said is true, why hasn't your boss the PM made it clear? It's not as if he did not have an opportunity. He was asked the same question point blank and did not answer.

Retnam: When Selangor fell to Pakatan in 2008, BN burnt files in the State Secretariat. This is called peaceful transition?

SMC77: Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan, unfortunately, you are the minority in the BN. I even doubt whether you will be nominated by your party in the coming general election (GE).

Amen: Subang PKRparliamentarian R Sivarasa, like all Pakatan supporters and the like, will only consider the election clean and fair if they win. Like millions of BN supporters who make up the majority, we can tell them to go take a hike. You lose, you lose, no two ways about it. Period.

Wira: Kota Belud, are you out of sync with your boss in Putrajaya? He wanted to defend it with "our bodies and broken bones". So far not a squeak from him on the promise of a peaceful transition if Pakatan wins the GE.

CiViC: He said, "it was the opposition that was afraid to lose". Lose what? How do they lose something they never had? Only party at risk of losing is BN.

Trublumalaysian: "Of course, yes (there will be peaceful transition). We respect the wishes of the people. In no way are we creating problems in this country. I have spoken to my colleagues in BN and Umno. If we lose, we lose. We won't turn this state into a pariah state," he said in answer to a question from the floor.

Well Rahman, dear fellow, not if Perkasa, Pekida and the man-who-walks-on-water can help it. As for Jibby, he's a dead-duck on the water anyway. Your commitment sounds assuring but we Malaysians believe in Bersih and it's cause for a clean GE and lastly; good try on your part but we don't believe your older warlords in dumbno. Not one single bit.

Snoopyjnr: What does he knows about the intentions of the top leadership in his own party? He is probably part of the ploy to deceive the people and lure them into complacency so that when his evil masters strike, everyone will be taken by surprise.

Anonymous #63753867: Kota Belud MP, who has been creating problems recently at ceramah and other gatherings by NGOs and Pakatan Rakyat. It is the Umno hooligans and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) never does anything. By the way, the April 28 gathering of the rakyat for clean and fair elections was peaceful until the PDRM used tear gas, water cannons and gross brutality.

Alfy: And there you go with what the BN has in store for us. "The violence on April 28 is a warning to Malaysians that the opposition will not tolerate losing the 13th general election... if they lose they'll say it wasn't free and fair, so they will go to the streets," he (Kota Belud's Rahman) said. This is what they will orchestrate, just like we saw in Bersih 3.0 - people dressed up as the opposition and creating the problems, and then blaming the opposition.

Ksn: That is good to hear. It will put a lot of people at ease and vote as they wish. I just hope this MP had the clearance and consent of PM Najib Abdul Razak, Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin, the RM100 billion man, etc.

Samuel Ng: To discuss this and to give assurances that there will be a peaceful transition of power is a disgrace to Malaysia. Are politicians not expected to hand over power like all democratic nations when voted out by the people? I don't see politicians in the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia or even Singapore talking about this democratic expectation.

Hopeless Govt: I do not recall any violence by the opposition in the all 50 years they have lost to BN. So, I'm really not sure what this Rahman guy is talking about. - Malaysiakini

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