Lajim Ukin quits Umno post, but stays in party

Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin has tendered his resignation as Kerambai Kebatu Umno chief following an earlier revelation that he would not defend his seat as Beaufort Umno division chief.

This, according to Sabah Times, was announced today by Lajim at a ceremony to celebrate his 57th birthday.

“My letter of resignation as Umno branch chief has been sent to the Beaufort Umno division secretary a few days ago,” he was quoted as saying.

lajim ukinLajim (right), who is deputy minister for housing and local government, was among the Sabah leaders speculated to defect to PKR during opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Sabah last Sunday.

Lajim had denied the defection claim after it did not materialise when Anwar’s flight to Kota Kinabalu was delayed following bad weather, but had said “anything was possible”.

At his birthday celebration today, Lajim had noted that there were calls for him to quit Umno and the government altogether but he insisted that he would not bow to pressure.

However, according to Sabah Times, he challenged the BN and Umno leadership to do so and that “the people of Klias and Beaufort were prepared” for what may come.

“Who are they to demand that I do so (resign). If I have done wrong then it is up to the party and the government to sack me, besides they are not the one who decide my future, it is the people of this constituency,” he was quoted as saying before some 5,000 supporters at his residence in Kampung Kaundu Kebatu.

However, the Beaufort MP appeared to hint that he may not remain in the party for long.

“The first step is not to defend my position as division chief, the second step is to resign as branch chief, what is the third step let’s wait and see,” he was quoted as saying.

The announcement today comes merely a day after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak visited Sabah.

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