Malacca BN rift grows deeper: MCA denies sacking women's chief but Ali Rustam says MUST!

Malacca BN rift grows deeper: MCA denies sacking women's chief but Ali Rustam says MUST!
It looks like the escalating disagreement between Malacca BN components Umno and MCA may soon come to an end, with the Chinese-based party sacking its state women's chief for taking part in the Bersih 3.0 rally, in line with a demand from Chief Minister Ali Rustam.
Speculation of the sacking had gone viral in cyberspace that Malacca MCA Wanita chief Kian Sit Har had been sacked for supporting the April 28 rally for clean elections held at the Dataran Pahlawan in Malacca.
But according to MCA-organ theStar, this was untrue.
“The postings are totally untrue,” Malacca MCA chief Gan Tian Loo was reported as saying. “As for us, she still is the party's Wanita chief and we have not sacked her although we were asked to do so."
But Big Brother says ...
Gan was also reported as saying that the rumor was spread by certain irresponsible individuals.
But apart from Ali Rustam, the Umno ex-Assemblymen's association (Mubarak) also called on her to step down.
As for Ali Rustam, he made it clear Kian should not delay resigning as there was ample proof of her supporting the rally as captured in the scores of photographs and video footage uploaded on the Internet.
“For the sake of state MCA and Barisan, Kian should gracefully leave and not wait for the party leadership to force her out so that she can later claim unfair dismissal,” said Ali Rustam.
Despite Gan's denial that Kian had been sacked, there are few doubts that such a move will eventually be carried out as MCA has always bowed to the wishes of Umno, the big brother of the BN coalition.
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what? supporting clean and fair election is against UMNO and MCA'S principles ?