Civil servant or politician, Mr Ali Hamsa

I get it, Ali Hamsa. You are so thankful to Najib Razak for jumping over the queue of more senior civil servants to become the Chief Secretary that today you did something unprofessional: you urged your subordinates who are supposed to be non-partisan to become supporters of Barisan Nasional.
By doing so, you have forgotten about the great tradition of the Malaysian Civil Service, that great body which once upon a time produced stellar gentlemen as Abdullah Ayub, Malek Marican, Bhupinder Singh. Civil servants who understood that their loyalty was to King and country and the taxpayers.
That is why they were so careful with how government funds were used and why they fought off any attempts to turn the civil servants into puppets for politicians.
But of course being a proper gatekeeper and neutral party is lost on Ali Hamsa. He headed the privatisation unit of the government and we all know that privatisation has bled the country of its resources, making the rich and connected even more richer.
You can picture this Chief Secretary being a yes man to all which his Umno masters tell him…and this will hasten the path of ruin our country has been set on.
Instead of telling the one million civil servants to be impartial and do serve the rakyat, he tells them to support BN and not believe the Pakatan Rakyat.
So let’s treat him like a politician. - Gomen Man

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