Samy Vellu FUCKED Indians and now Palanivel is fucking Indians with empty promises

BN has uplifted the Indian community. Investments in Tamil schools, awarding scholarships and the perennial temple issue are the basis of his argument in harping for BN, and to back his claim that Pakatan has been feeding the Indian community with lies.

All his arguments were based on the government’s initiatives taken after 2008. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Indians have been in this country since pre-independence days. So why is it that we are still talking about Indians without proper identification? Why is it that Tamil schools that were previously ignored are being given funds now?

Scholarships for Indians prior to 2008 was a minor miracle itself. In this interview, former MIC president Samy Vellu says  that although he had tried many times to address Indian issues via the Cabinet, it was always swept under the carpet. I do not trust Samy Vellu but this surely brings light the question on why Indians are now being showered with funds for things dear to them, Tamil schools and temples.

Najib Tun Razak is a shrewd man. He knows that one of the major failings of BN in 2008 was due to the unhappiness of the Indian community which reached its peak during the Hindraf rally. Therefore, in order to regain the support of the Indian community, he has been showering us with cash.

I’m not complaining, merely stating that measures that have been stated by the writer were long  overdue. So is this the position of Indians in Malaysia? Be happy and contented with measures that are compulsory on the part of the government that has good intentions for a minority community?

The real nature of Indian community is that we do not have a serious voice in the government. The BN has allocated a paltry nine Parlimentary seats and 14 states seats for MIC. It is inevitable that with such low numbers representing the Indian community as whole, the rights and interests of the community takes a backseat.

So in applying the post 2008 concept of hailing Indians as pointed out by the writer vividly, wouldn’t it be fair to ask for more Parliamentary seats and state seats in order for the community to have a bigger voice in the BN. The writer claims that the majority Indian support has swung BN’s way. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, won’t it be wise for the PM to allocate more seat to MIC?

As to the scholarship issue, the writer has conveniently ignored the fact that Indians are largely ignored in intakes to the local Universities. I have been told that only two Universities in Malaysia offer Foundation in Science to non-Bumiputeras. I’m not going to question nor lament on any communities’ rights here but to suggest that 100 scholarships is prove that BN is serious about the Indian community is pure rubbish.

Furthermore, scholarships are awarded to only 1st class Indian students and to be honest to get a first class in a course, say law, is hard, which throws into question the sincerity of the announcement. Perhaps the writer should take his MIC tinted glasses off and face reality.

I’m not advocating for Pakatan here. All I’m saying is that it took a political tsunami for BN to recognise the fact that we exist. Therefore, to claim that BN is the next best thing to bread and butter for the Indian community is ridiculous. BN did not recognise us on their own accord, we made them, sit and take notice of us.

The writer is trying to spin a tale by highlighting the funds and programmes for the Indian community by Najib’s government. However, what he conveniently fails to mentions is that all the allocations given to us currently has been overdue for the past 50 years. So, to sit and harp about a “rectification work” is shameless to say the least.

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