What The Opposition Must Do To Win Sarawak & Sabah In GE-13

To win Sarawak and Sabah in GE-13, the Opposition must promise (after the respective State Governments have also been changed) to:

1. Restore Sarawak & Sabah's Nation status as per the 18/20 Points Agreements;
2. Adhere to all the other provisions of the 18/20 Points Agreements;
3. Give back to Sarawak & Sabah full control over their petroleum resources & renegotiate what Sarawak & Sabah are willing to give to the Federal Government;
4. Allow Sarawak & Sabah to determine and control their own education, finance & taxation systems;
5. Re-designate the "Chief Minister" of each Nation as "Prime Minister";
6. Implement a system of proportionate and popular representation, by reducing the disproportions in the number of voters between each Parliamentary seat and also each State seat and whereby the Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as the Prime Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah shall be voted by the whole of the respective electorates;
7. Allow Sabah & Sarawak to establish their own Army and State Police and be responsible for their own Defence and Internal Security;
8. Allow Sarawak & Sabah full control of their own Citizenship, Customs and Immigration;
9. Implement full Borneanisation of Sarawak & Sabah's Administrative Service;
10. Give fair and full opportunities to Sarawakians and Sabahans who choose to join the Federal Diplomatic and Administrative Service;
11. Give Sarawak & Sabah the right of deciding at any time whether to secede from the Federation or not, by way of a referendum of their citizens; and
12. Give Sarawak & Sabah the right to remove the citizenships of illegal immigrants wrongfully granted by the (previous) Federal government.
This should do for a start at redressing the wrongs that have been done by Malaya to Sarawak & Sabah since the formation of Malaysia.

Let us see whether the Opposition is sincere enough in their dealings with Sarawak & Sabah to be able to make and keep such promises.

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