Nurul: We don’t wish to jail Dr M

RK Anand | June 16, 2012
The PKR vice-president stresses that Pakatan Rakyat's struggle is about saving Malaysia and not throwing the former premier behind bars.
PETALING JAYA: She was still a teenager when Dr Mahathir Mohamad had stripped her father of both his post and dignity over accusations of sexual misconduct.
For six years, Anwar Ibrahim, who claimed to be a victim of a political conspiracy and trumped up charges, languished in prison while she and her mother continued with his struggle on the outside.
However, Nurul Izzah said the opposition bloc led by her father was not interested in exacting revenge should it form the federal government after the next general election.
According to the Lembah Pantai MP, Pakatan Rakyat’s struggle was much greater than one particular individual.
“We are not interested in putting Mahathir behind bars, we are interested in saving Malaysia,” she said in response to the former premier’s latest blog posting.
“Mahathir shouldn’t implicate Malaysia’s future just to save his own skin. Not everyone has the stomach for dictatorial tendencies as he does,” she told FMT.
In his blog posting, Mahathir claimed that he had not indulged in corrupt practices during his 22 years in office, despite a litany of allegations stacked against him.
The former premier also said that he had never abused his powers nor did his children benefit from his position.
Referring to the opposition, specifically Nurul’s father, Mahathir also vowed to continue battling evil forces from destroying the country which he loved.

The time is near
Meanwhile, Nurul stressed that nobody, including Mahathir, possessed the power to halt the march of democracy.
The 32-year-old PKR vice-president reminded the 84-year-old former premier that history had shown that the truth would always be known.
Nurul said when the time and opportunity to examine all the evidence arose, then justice would be served.
“And history is undoubtedly on our side. The time is near,” she added.
Mahathir’s comments were in reaction to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang’s remark that the former premier feared prosecution and therefore was working hard to ensure that Pakatan did not emerge victorious in the next polls.
Mahathir had even claimed that his long-time political foe, Lim wanted to see him hauled to court, imprisoned or even sentenced to death.
Lim later responded that he had no such desire and criticised Mahathir for making such a dishonourable accusation against him.
However, the veteran politician said the former premier should not block a full investigation into the host of political and financial scandals during his watch.

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