It's politicians, not the people, who create politic & economic instability

Racist, inefficient and corrupt governments are responsible for making the lives of the people miserable.

Najib: Political certainty vital to economic growth

vox populi small thumbnailOnyourtoes: I think everyone wants stability, not just businessmen and wealthy people. Political stability is the function of many factors, including a sitting government willing to step down if that government is found wanting and incompetent.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, please get your logic right: the source of political instability is the government, not the people.

Just look around us. Irresponsible governments, corrupt governments, inept governments and governments cheating and spending way beyond their means.

They are the sources of instability because they erode people's savings and make their lives miserable.

Ksn: Nobody will argue against your view here, Najib, that political stability is most important for investors and for development.

You should have added that the country also, at the same time, needs politicians of integrity, competence and who are not corrupt to lead the nation.

Umno Baru/BN has been short of such good men and women for about 30 years now and there are no such people in sight in the party.

JomUbahUbah: I believe all the Chinese businessmen will not be so easily threatened by our Mr Flip Flop.

Bender: As much as I despise Najib and his corrupt ways, I have to agree with him on this one. Yes, political stability is crucial for economic growth.

Nothing is more evident to support this notion than what is happening right now in Penang, Kedah and Selangor.

Political certainty - that the government is stable, efficient and free of corruption - did play a role in the relative economic prosperity enjoyed by these states since the Pakatan government took over.

I might also add that such prosperity is not only economic but social and religious as well (Kelantan is the best example of the latter).

So, let's take the premier's vision to heart and start making changes. Bring the racist, inefficient and corrupt BN government down and replace it with a Pakatan government this coming general election, for the sake of economic and social prosperity.

Queenie: If you continue with your ‘government knows best' strategy, nothing is going to work. You first have to admit that the present regime knows beans about wealth creation.

All it knows is to throw as many spanners into the works and, of course, to stick its grubby fingers into the cookie jar.

You must have the will and resolve to fight corruption and set free the forces of free enterprise before you can see positive results.

Jefferson76: How to have stability when this government is always flip-flopping? No thanks. I would like to let someone else have a go at running the show. It really cannot get worse, so there is nothing to lose.

Lim Chong Leong: What are the certainties that we have today under BN? That BN and PM are corrupt? That crime involving top Umno warlords does not get investigated?

That Umno is stoking racial and religious polarisation? That huge amounts of illicit cash outflow are carried out by Umno?

That the law and order machinery of government is being abused by Umno to protect themselves and to persecute anyone who questions them?

That the other BN partners are lame ducks who are just as corrupt? Under these circumstances, I think Pakatan is a better bet for political and economical stability. - Malaysiakini

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