AT THE SAPP youth gathering in Kampong Pelakat, about 5km from Sipitang Town on 20/06/20212, Amde questioned: "Why is it BN leaders, especially UMNO leaders need to work like mad, rushing to install pipe water, connect electricity, mend the roads, cleaning drain and sewerage, distribute zincs, plywood, water tanks and what have you only when General Election is eminent?"

Large number of pipes lay haphazardly along Beaufort-Sipitang High way now. Why only now BN leaders prop into kampongs? Why are they making the same promises (repeatedly) Are they not bribing kampong folks to enable them to stay in power? Their doings are actually making the kampong people ever suspicious.
We, opposition politicians have no problem in explaining to people what good governance is all about, we do this so that people can see the different to enable them to make a choice.
Saying opposition only good at talking is a challenge, if only we are given the chance we will surely want to prove our worth.
Opposition state governments have better managed than BN state governments in Peninsular, and therefore people in Sabah should be told about this, unfortunately RTM and Astro alike, all but mouthpieces of the BN government and that too need too be explained to people.
BN have had enough time, four and half term in office-close to twenty years in power to implement or fulfill their promises in Sabah.
If they couldn’t fulfill their promises in the last twenty years what make them can in another five years?
They don’t change their style, they are living in cloud nine, and we are as we are if we don’t prepare to change ourselves.
Sabahans are not lacking of capable leaders but many are now morally bribed, where economy of well being overshoots everything else, and this very thing shapes the thinking of some of our young and that must be countered (SAPP MEDIA)

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