Political gratitude defined

June 28, 2012

Politically sentient Malaysians especially netizens are fully aware of BN’s shenanigans as well as scams, and are raring to make the opposition form the federal government via the imminent 13th GE.

Lately, BN honchos are using another ‘weapon’ to gain political mileage – the unabashed asking for gratitude to the ruling coalition for what it did for Malaysia and her people.

Rural folk, especially, are duped into pledging unwavering affinity and gratefulness to Umno, that their future is only secure and would only flourish under BN’s empire and the only way for them to express thankfulness is by voting it into power time and time again.

Anything opposing BN is considered pestilent. Such is the face value conjured up by BN to win provincial votes. As much as it is pathetic, it is also illogically effective. Numerous dumbed down Malaysians would have bought BN’s sloganeering.

BN did do and sacrifice much for the people who put them in power for donkey’s years. Equality, mass media transparency and the freedom of expression were sacrificed in the name of democracy.
Corruption, elitism, cronyism, nepotism, the subversion of national unity, the compromises in the education system not to mention the judiciary system and the “tidak apa” attitude were commited in the name of service to the rakyat.
Political gratitude is topsy turvy in Malaysia and we are the international laughing stock, I’m sorry to say. It has everything got to do with hoity-toity politicians, asking the rakyat to remember their policies and deeds that has ‘benefitted’ the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others. So much for 1Malaysia!
Yes, we are indeed grateful. We are grateful for the heavy handed police SOP at all three of of the Bersih rallies calling for free and fair elections, for all the money politics, for all the abuse of power, for all the high profile scandals involving collosal amounts of RM being swindled, for all the deprivation and adversity the average Malaysians are going through while ministers live large and last but not least, for giving all right-minded Malaysians all the right reasons to not vote for BN in the GE.

In order to be relevant and trustable again, BN must fully comprehend one fact that it has chosen to spurn, that is, it is not the rakyat who must be grateful to the government; it is vice versa, being true to democratic tenets.
The people pay ministers their salary and entrust them to govern the country by adhering to the people’s righteous demands. That is why the incumbents got elected in the first place; the people are the masters and the incumbents are put in public office to serve the people. That is the correct democracy working order.
But, what do we have here? It is what is termed as ‘democracy, Malaysian style.’ Ministers are the Patricians and the rakyat are plebeians. This is the present day state of Malaysia where draconian laws and opression and the silencing of dissent reign supreme.

All of it stems from one irrefutable reason. A government that has been in power for too long that it couldn’t bear the thought of not being to rule Malaysia no more.
It is petrified should the years of tapping Malaysia dry to fill their pockets would end with a bang and all their past misdeeds would come out in the open, tried in upright court of law and the doers would be counting incarcerating bars instead of their ill gotten money.
Malaysians have been grateful to BN for over more than half a century by voting the political coalition to hold the nation’s helm and it is more than enough.

For a country so rich in natural resources and no natural disasters, Malaysia would have become a first world country by now if only our leaders thus far used half of their zoetic grey matter to propel the country to the crux of overall development instead of clandestine self-enriching agendas, the endeavours, veiled  behind the means of mainstream media propagation of whitewashing the rakyat that they are being very well taken care of and by creating a fake impression that they are doing a supernal job of governing the country. There would be no need to wait until 2020 dawns.

It is time for Malaysians abandon their gratitude to BN. It should be non existent in the first place. Please don’t be grateful to our PM who serves us empty bones, having devoured the flesh and sucked the marrow dry. We deserve better and let’s serve BN right this time around. It is, indeed, long overdue but better late than never!

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