Is Eswaran's statement a wakeup call for MIC

On June 9, the The Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) held its dinner at the Mines conventation centre. MAICCI was to submit a 10-point plan to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to address the problems of the Indian business community.
I walked into the convention centre with pride and a sense of satisfaction that after being in MAICCI for three decades, finally there was some effort by MAICCI to contribute to making the Indian community successful.
I sat not far away from the main table and was excited that I would get an uninterrupted view of guests at the main table especially the prime minister and the stage.
But I left the dinner that night a sad and disillusioned man for the dinner organised in the name of the ETP in the PM’s Department by MAICCI chairman KK Eswaran single-handedly, was just a massive show to promote himself.
The attendance of major corporate figures from the Malaysian Indian business community was practically nil, reduced to just a small number of Easwaran’s close friends. The general crowd that attended were mainly made up of MIC members who were also MAICCI members.
Most who attended had little knowledge on the economic focus, in fact it was clear that they were there for the free food and entertainment that continued even after the PM left. It’s sad to say that the dinner did not focus on anything economic or social.
I raised my concern to a MAICCI council member, and his words were,”well this is Eswaran’s style”, to bring in busloads of people who have no clue as to what the function is about.
Fill up the place and give PM the impression that he garners huge support because he is eyeing for a senate. What has he personally done for the community? In the years of being in business, what has he contributed to the Indian business community, except for his cowardly attack on Hindraf to please the government.
As I drove home I could not help but feel disgusted with the speech delivered by Eswaran on a several points:

1) To air a video criticising the bumiputera status is a disaster. As everything was centered on this criticism, it can lead to political chaos and even take a racial stand with MAICCI being seen as against the bumiputera status.

I saw the concerned and shocked look on the PM’s face when the video was aired.Why blame the bumiputeras? Eswaran must blame himself as MAICCI president, for being only good in gathering people. These attacks on the bumiputeras will only drive away the Malay votes from BN. Is this the intention of Eswaran?

2) Eswaran should not have commented on GLC matters. GLC decisions are made by the government. Asking for GLC appointments to be reviewed should not be the chamber president’s work.What about the decision that was made to restrict the term of MAICCI president to two terms, what happened to that proposal? Why doesn’t Eswaran review the removal of the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Indian Chambers of Commerence from MAICCI by him. GLC’s are governed by corporate rules and not Eswaran’s rules.

3) Eswaran said political parties are not doing anything and only the PM is doing things. So I call on all political parties in BN to close shop since all of them have been reduced to zero and irrelevant by Eswaran.Why is Eswaran putting the burden of work on one man i.e. Najib? So none of the other ministers in the Cabinet, political parties, civil service and NGOs are doing any service to Malaysians? This was an unnecessary attack on political parties, which will only drive away their members votes away from BN. Is this the intention of Eswaran?

I also noticed that except for Koh Tsu Koon and G Palanivel, there were no other ministers that night. I was told most stayed away to avoid being seen around Eswaran. A MIC member told me that both Koh and Palanivel wanted to walk out but remained out of respect for the PM. But how long more will this respect to PM by political and corporate leaders keep buying Eswaran some acknowledgement. Soon it is going to backfire.
I hope our PM sees this and takes some measures to curb Eswaran who drops PM’s name faster than a sack of potatoes everywhere to enhance his image, before irreparable damage is inflicted by him. Maybe it has already happened as a result of his foolish speech at the dinner.

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