LAMP Gives Green Light to Lynas

The BolehlaNd government is surely the world's only government that uses superlatives on itself with so much confidence, it makes Bolehland sound like some Shangri-la Paradise, like some ancient Kingdom of the Sultanate all powerful, all knowing, all wise and all wonderful. They would even go to say that it's because of the Hang brothers that gave them that invincibility.

Our 1Leader and his other 1sChieftans have no qualms to label BolehlaNd as the world's best, in almost anything or everything from the secular to the religious, democracy to Islam, peaceful fair nation, multicultural diversity, land of milk and honey, education to civil servants and what have you.

Their latest is having the 'safest rare earth plant' in the world.

Now rare earth radiation in fact the word radiation worries many people especially those and their past and future generations have suffered from exposure to them.

Our 1Malaysia's confidence is based on the confidence of scientists, local ones too and being a responsible government have the people's interest in their hearts, the Lynas plant must go one. Yes indeed because those people waiting for money to bring cheer their heart are waiting for the plant to begin operations. So that's probably what having the interests of the people at heart means we can supposed eh?

The BN government's confidence even goes to claim you can hold it in your hand, thorium that is, and it's like holding on to some jade or pearl is it? Even our scientist Minister is willing to stay near the plant just to prove his point. Well, go ahead, the Lynas people would love to see that happening. Better still why not site it say near Putrajaya or the KLCC or those new housing projects specially built for one race or two eh?

If the confidence is so solid that holding it in one's hand is safe, why not use the waste products or thorium to make into jewelry or beads and saw it onto some Birkin bags and present it free to our all of BN's leaders' spouses? That will surely assure the rest of us skeptical folks!

If it's so safe, set up cottage industries near the plant then, use the by products to sell souveniers to tourists. Better still use it for building materials for all government buildings or places of worship. Why stop there, why not for roads and hospitals and schools. After all, it's safe. Why the need to have all those world class standards on disposal and what have you eh?

Of course, the scientists will think us common non scientists folks absurd, foolish and paranoid. Yeh, tell it to the Red Earth victims? 

Hey, even friends are asking me to stop eating microwave products or imported char tea or toys from the Occident all because of
'illogical' and 'bias' unproved scientific claims! But it does cast doubt on one's assured comfort from scientists they are as safe as probably holding thorium in one's hand?

Are there no other industry we want to support to enrich our coffers and that of those interest party? Is it that there are strong cronies with invested interests in Lynas that it must operate come what may?

Our leaders are all dead by the time any serious consequences may crop up when the plant has begun operation or stop operation for whatever reasons.

Lynas Advanced Materials Plant or LAMP can flash any green light on the safety of this plant and go ahead with the TOL. To those affected, LAMP's green light is no Green Lantern crusade for them. In fact LAMP's green light is flashing a red light that noone want to take a step forward and walk with confidence they won't get hit by a wave of radiation that prove fatal to them.

In fact whatever colour LAMP tries to flash at the common folks affected by the plant and assures them it's like a safe light at the end of a tunnel where you find an opening to crawl out of the darkness and freedom, or a rainbow where your fortunes are found, the common folks see it as a moving light coming towards them - a fast moving train drive by those with vested interests, heading their way as they are stuck on the tracks!

Green light or scientific assurances are no safety guarantee of its safety. If it were, why is Australia, Singapore and all the countries our leaders cite where rare earths are in demand not rushing to set up their own Lynases?

There in lies the lies about Lynas and all those claims as a power source. Why is it in a land where rainfall is abundance we are unable to harness this God given gift for our power, a clean sustainable resource in fact.

We have mismanaged what God has given us and this doesn't need any scientist research to dispel this claim right?

We prefer to plunder our resources and rape our land for harmful resources for our energy than harness the natural ones that God provides. Makes us wonder if our leaders think themselves Gods to decide what is best because they have the people at heart.

Right now, our leaders are playing God using the God of science to keep the hearts of the people with vested interest in the LAMP project with a bright future holding green dough in their hands and bringing cheer in their heart.

In BolehlaNd, tolls are known to be gold mines. Similarly LAMP's TOL is also a gold mine to vested parties, no?

It just so happen LAMP's green gets them their gold.

But then the Gods are great because they have perhaps mischievously planted in the minds of greedy arrogant leaders to think up of a name LYNAS to operate this plant. With such a name, the Gods have planted wisdom in the ordinary folks to doubt the truths betold by these L(ie)ynas fellows eh?
Believable L(ie)ynas?

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