Pakatan 'violence': Najib laying the ground for a BN coup d'etat in event of GE loss?

Pakatan 'violence': Najib laying the ground for a BN coup d'etat in event of GE loss?

The Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, in a recent speech – as reported – planned to ‘quash any threat bent on disrupting public order’. If Najib has the political will to do so then this must be good news for Malaysians. As they say charity begins at home, so Najib must have the political drive to start the ball rolling now.
Disruption in politics can best be defined as a situation characterised by ‘provocation’ – mental or physical – that can cause unrest or public disorder. Provocation comes in many forms. And a responsible government must have a strong political spirit to halt all forms of threats that can disrupt public order. The formula is rather simple: stop the provocation and there will be no unrest or public disorder in the country.
It hurts the people more
First and foremost, there must be a political determination to get Perkasa – a rabble-rouser NGO – and those of the same political faith with this organisation to behave. Holding wild demonstrations for political reasons have disturbed the peace-loving people living in states won by the Opposition.
Conducting a mock funeral for the Penang Chief Minister in front of his home is another blatant provocation. Alas, in some cases police inaction has caused matters to exacerbate.
Najib should go after the sponsors who are paying the Mat Rempit to cause trouble in states held by the Oppositions as well as at gatherings held by the Opposition and NGOs.
Allowing an UMNO-sponsored ceramah to be held nearby an Opposition ceramah is deliberate provocation. This is a desperate move by those with vested interests to see unrest and public disorder. In some past incidences flinging eggs, stones and water bottles at the crowds with some yobs pelting stones and splashing paint on vehicles of owners who attended Opposition ceramah are all elements that can disrupt public order.
Burger stalls were set up in front of Ambiga's private home to offer her beef burgers when she is a Brahmin and a devote Hindu-vegetarian. Then the ex-army veterans conducted their despicable butt exercises in front of her home.  All these are barefaced provocation that has upset the Indian community.
One reason for such threats to public order go unabated is because the authorities in charge of maintaining public order are perceived as to have done nothing material to stop the mobsters from performing their stunts. When there is no civil will to stop threats of this nature it will hurt the minds of the people more.
Lack of political resolve
When there is a lack of political resolve to stop some bigots from using race and religion to sow hatred among the people it paves the path to disrupt public order.  Najib on his part has not shown any overt commitment to rein in those racists who utter ‘racial overtones’ to describe the Chinese and Indians in the country.
The media has not stopped from distorting news and facts to demonise the Opposition. The showing of sexually explicit stuff through the media to mock the Opposition has not gone down well among the masses. Using helpless religious figures to favour an insensible political decision made by UMNO leaders has irked the people more.
The UMNO-led government has not stopped all these deleterious and deceitful campaigns to deprecate the people who seek social justice.
The government itself must be clean and not corrupt. A government that promotes a fair policy that favours the people will invite less provocation. If a government is seen to be corrupt and practises unfair policies it will unquestionably peeve the people and thus invite protests.
When there is a genuine protest for a rightful cause, Najib has no right to quash such a public dissent. In many countries, a deceitful government has invited a lot of disruption to public order especially when the government is corrupt, inept and the people are being oppressed.
For instance, stop giving ‘bribes’ disguised as aids to the people to win votes in elections. As this involves taxpayers’ money and it will naturally incur the wrath of the people.
Government has something to hide
In some countries, peaceful rallies have been organised to tick off the government of their bad policies. Failing to wheel clamp such protests the authorities have known to be high-handed. They provoke peaceful protesters to cause chaos and deceptively use this opportunity to tell the people that the protesters are hostile and violent.
Peaceful gatherings are allowed in any democracy. Stop provoking these peaceful protesters as they may have some valid reasons why they go to the streets.  When the people seek a clean electoral roll and fair elections it is the role of the government not to turn them away. Refusing them their noble requests would only show that the government has something to hide from the people.
There has to be a fair and free election before mandate is given to any political party to rule the country. It should be democratically-elected leaders through a clean electoral process where any deceitful means to gain power such using tainted electoral rolls should not be entertained.
When peaceful rallies are deliberately provoked there is bound to be some reactions from the people. If this is what is desired by the authorities then blame not the people who are provoked.
Act firmly without compromise
A government of the people must ensure that the rights of all Malaysians as stipulated in the constitution are given recognition.  The rights of all – Indigenous and non-indigenous – must be sincerely attended to. The majority race and the minority races have their own rights as Malaysians.
Deserting the interests of the minorities at the expense of the majority is akin to provoking the feelings of the former.
Thus Najib should act firmly without compromise to quash any threat bent on disrupting public order such provocations, corruption and the deceitful approach to politics.
Not only must the rights of the majority but also the minority be attended to cause harmony in society for all Malaysians to live peacefully and preserve democracy.
The welfare and prosperity of the people must be the highest goal of the government of the people and for the people, and not politicians. Politicians cannot be seen enriching themselves and their cronies when given power. They must be seen to put the people’s interests before others.
The foundation of democracy from the Islamic point of views is not based on the superiority of the majority and the putting aside of the minority. Neither should there be superiority of race in Islam.
Against racial discrimination
Islam views on racism whether upon open or hidden as an evil aspect of life which has to be eradicated. Differences in colour, tribes, races, or traditions are not to be excuses for unjust behaviour or treatment of the people. Islam is against racial discrimination:
"O Mankind, we created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you in to tribes and nations so that you may know each other (not that you despise each other). Verily, the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is he who is most righteous of you." (49:13)
There cannot be a concept of race superiority or inferiority in any democracy. All Malaysians must be treated fairly as they have their rights as citizens of the country.  They have all contributed to the success of the country.
No imaginary groups in this country are planning to destroy any other groups or race. No sane Malaysian would want to uphold the law of the jungle in this country. They merely want the people’s voice to be heard in a democratic process, as when politicians are unfair and the media do lopsided reporting the opposing groups have no other choice than to detest.
A civilised manner
The detesters may talk loud but are not wily and definitely not violent. They seek a trustworthy government and they strive for truthfulness and not deceitfulness in politics that only favour a few self-seeking individuals rather than the masses.
The people must not reject the course of action of those who seek electoral justice and fair elections. These groups should not be rejected by the people. The people instead should reject politicians who disguise themselves as saviours of the masses but are corrupt and keep on amassing wealth for themselves and their cronies.
Malaysians, for that matter, are generally peace-loving people and the detesters are there to defend the institutions and systems that are just and abhor what is unjust. This is to benefit national life more. There will be no doubts and distrust of the people when they see justice in all spheres of their life.
The people’s aim is for long-term interests. They are here not to destroy what has been achieved but further improve what has been defective. They seek changes but not in a warped or a selfish way.
Healthy debates
A healthy national dialogue should always be encouraged and the people are now eager to listen to a debate between Najib and the Opposition leader.  Debates work in western democracy as this a civilised manner for the people to decide the best party leader that should lead them.
This is where differences of opinion could be channelled prolifically to the people and the country. And towards the end let the people decide who they would like to lead the country.
To deprive the people of healthy debates between leaders is an utmost disgrace in a democracy.
It is only when the media news is skewed and politicians are self-seeking would the people go to the streets to protest to seek justice. This too can be a peaceful ‘language’ of engagement when some politicians are just adamant and are not willing to change.
Nothing is disjointed or irrational when protests are done peacefully. Seeking justice in a peaceful manner cannot be branded as dirty. To seek a better option for the country does mean that the people are adapting to dirty ways to achieve their political objectives.
Deserve to be criticised
To those who peacefully detest injustice, the means justify the ends. The people are more aware that the government authorities are not being deliberately ridiculed by the people for no reasons. They deserve to be praised when vindicated. But they also deserve to be criticised when wrong. This is the essence of democracy.
Leaders must acknowledge that whatever successes in the country are attributed to people of all races in the country – the majority and the minority groups. As such, all people must be respected for their contributions and desire to choose a government of their choice.
The electoral process should pave the way for a two-party system to exist in the country for a better democracy. The country would be a better place with a two-party system where no power monopoly is allowed to dictate the people quirkily.  Only then would the nation not be bogged down by endless problems and conflicts inflicted by a single dominant political entity.
The peace-loving people who protest for a noble cause will never be deterred and would instead stay motivated, resolute and more spirited to tread the path of rectitude in seeking a two-party system for the county.
Whichever party rules, it must be seen that the nub of the matter is that the government will be fair to all and continue to uphold democracy, trust and promises made.
Perceived as duplicitous
Unfortunately, Najib’s government is being perceived as duplicitous. It is being perceived as using the institutions of power to disrupt peaceful rallies and will stand flippantly when hoodlums disrupt a peaceful rally, Opposition ceramah or organise wild demonstrations against Opposition leaders.
It only shows the desperation of the situation facing Najib and UMNO-BN. Threatening to quash dissent while ignoring the coordinated violence perpetrated by some hired brutes is not going to favour the government of the day.
Najib has the onus to quash all corruption, cronyism, racism, electoral fraud, flouting of laws and the constitution, police ruthlessness and violence at Opposition ceramah for the people to cherish democracy in the country. But he does not seem to have the political stamina to do so.
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